March 06, 2018

Barev Armenia

Spontaneity. This is what happened when my friends wayback in college who are in Dubai as well decided to go out of country, as we always planned.

Finally, it became real. 
With a leap of faith, we went to Armenia! 

Just few planning and help of travel agency (which I seldom avail), the trip was successful that some of our friends want to go to this beauty country. 

Let the photos do the talking :) 

We spent few days to explore the place and their cuisine. With its affordability, we enjoyed it! 

First time to experience SNOW! It was freezing cold, -4degC! It like needles are piercing my ears and I had rashes on mt cheeks after.

Then, we explored the city of Yerevan!

So many photos gosh! Thanks to my photographer friend Juleh and my model friend Pam for the shots! 

Thank you for being with me in this trip! 
Super chill as the weather, super refreshing to walk and see & super cozy to dine! 

We also celebrated Pam's birthday! HBD Pam!

Thank You Lord for the opportunity to travel and love life more! 

More adventures to come! :) 

February 17, 2018


February for me coincides with Valentines. Hahaha. I dedicate this post to the love of my life.

Thank You Lord for making our relationship better and hopefully no more drama please? Hahaha. 

I have two new baby rabbits, siblings of Snorly! Thank You Honey for the sweet surprise and pakulo! Thank You for making me feel special and girl na girl. LOL

We had Teppanyaki for Valentines! Yes, we ate all! That's why our cheeks are like that HAHA

Then, bonus part was a short trip to a beach, another pakulo! 

Thanks Honey! What a sweet gesture! Then watched Black Panther. :)

More dates to come, Honey! 
Hoping for more love and life! Mwaaa!

February 06, 2018


It's been a while as I've been busy. It is seldom that I get to chance to stay at home for one whole day whew! But I'm thankful to be productive and happy.

These are some of the highlights in Dubai coming back from vacation. 

Family bondings, corporate events, light group bonding, friendly and not so friendly dates HAHAHA! 

I'm excited for the coming days. I love it that I have a mantra to go somewhere (atleast 1 country) I've never been to every year. And it is happening. YAYY.

Thank You Lord for all blessings. It was a tough and rough road but I'm still here, alive and kicking. I can do all things because I know You are here with me.

Can't wait for more. It is an exciting life indeed!