August 07, 2017


In the last two weeks, I've observed that most of my highlights were spend with my Spiritual Family. And I'm thankful.

There were several first time experiences for me: 

- Sharing in front of many people regarding my service in community. Proud that I've conquered it

- Dined in one of most sought after Japanese Restaurants in DXB, Bentoya! Super yummy and it was an experience. Will go back for sure!

Then, meeting, random date, women's event and fellowship happened.

I'm always thankful for the amazing people who are always there for me. 

Lord, please give me more strength and endurance to fully understand what's going on with my life.

Lord, please enlighten me. 
i love You 😘

July 12, 2017

Better Days

God is good.
He provides ways for me to be thankful everyday. 

Lately, I feel spiritual dryness. 
I even skipped attending to the Feast, and went to a bonding. 

God talks to me in every possible way, just like now. 

I realized that I had few meaningful time with my family, friends and colleagues.

Going back from my quick vacation, I had some good and bad days. One of the projects I've been working now is proceeding. (Proud to say I handled it from start until now and it is big deal!)

I had few meetings and lunches. It was Ramadan so we had our yearly Iftar and Eid lunch when it ended. Good times.

As for me and Levs, we went on movie dates lately. We watch 3 movies in 3-4 weeks hahaha! (1) Wonderwoman; (2) Cars 3; and (3) Spiderman: Homecoming

Of all these 3, you would not believe my fave: Cars 3! So much learnings and even after watching, it really made an impact on me. Recommended!

One of great decisions I made this year is joining an LG. I'm not really a fan of having a caring group because I have to open my life book. However, I realize that it is better to share and learn from others. I'm blessed to experience God's presence with these lovely ladies ❤️

Also, I had a mini reunion with my Quesci friends here in Dubai! We recorded a video for the big Quesci reunion in PH and had a lovely dinner @ Buffalo Chicken Wings! Good times 👌🏼

One of the highlights of the year is you, Baby Nate! 

Oh yes, my first ever pamangkin sa kapatid! How cute she is, right? Hopefully, I will "kissy kissy" you next year. I'm happy you are now here in our lives and cannot wait to see you, baby Natey! Mwa!

Ofcourse, life is easier with my family.
So blessed to have you, my Chu! #twinsis Na whenever we are together, we always eat, shop and talk anything under sun. Masaya lang ;)

There are many things going on around me, those I hear, see and read.

Nevertheless, I should focus on myself.
I will have my own time. I should trust in His perfect time. 

I want to go back to my old, grateful self. 
 I need to, this is for me.

June 24, 2017

Manila Summer

This may be late post, but let me share to you what happened for the rest of my PH trip.

In my every "uwi", I have a schedule of events to spend time with my family and friends. Super OC ko that I have an excel sheet of all the details (super specific) haha! I'm that organized. 

So first things first, I went with my sisters to Feast PICC and experienced it live again with Bro. Bo! Super blessed and amazed talaga of the energy! 

Then had lunch with my Bro & his gf to our fave resto: Bonchon! Hhaha I ate twice in Bonchon in my 2 week stay.

Then after going to Tokyo, the ladies (Mom, me and sistahs) went to Grace Residences and McKinley Hill!

How time flies. The Grand Canal is already built, I know. It's just nostalgic to see something completed when I witnessed how it started. Grabe! It was just an empty space dati, but then now, it bloomed and super inspiring to go there! It was just overwhelming to me because I just went to Tokyo then going to Venice Grand Canal is like going to Italy. 

It was a good moment then it rained. Honestly, I miss the rain (you know no rain in DXB).

Then, the family went for a unique family bonding: Upside Down. Grabe! We exerted effort for the photos! Hopefully, I will be able to print them all hihi!

Our ultimate family bonding happened in Cintai Coritos Garden Resort in Batangas. We were supposed to go to Ilocos, but it was meant for us to just chill ;)

Great views, refreshing scenery, good food and swim, it was picture perfect and awesome experience! Thank You Lord! Grabe super many great photos! 

Ofcouse, Levi and I would not miss going to Intramuros because it is unlikely for us to go home simultaneously. Epic experience when we went to Faustina to eat our favorites: Grilled Porkchop and Sisig. We also went to our Alma Mater, PLM, nakakatuwa ;) simple pleasures!

I would not also miss spending valuable time with my friends: 1. HP friends, 2. HS loves Pikselot and 3. College BFF Nhe & her BF.

Thank you guys for your time. Next time uli! Sayang walang getaways hehehe!

For the finale, I had a #MEtime! Spa time and shopping to cap off my vacation. 

Then family dinner in Tempura (japanese food again hahaha) and had a well deserved Swedish massage in Nuat Thai. :) 

Thank You Lord for a meaningful vacation. 

Hopefully I will be able to print all these memories for future use! You know hehehe! 

Next time uli. Iba pa rin sa Pinas!