June 24, 2017

Manila Summer

This may be late post, but let me share to you what happened for the rest of my PH trip.

In my every "uwi", I have a schedule of events to spend time with my family and friends. Super OC ko that I have an excel sheet of all the details (super specific) haha! I'm that organized. 

So first things first, I went with my sisters to Feast PICC and experienced it live again with Bro. Bo! Super blessed and amazed talaga of the energy! 

Then had lunch with my Bro & his gf to our fave resto: Bonchon! Hhaha I ate twice in Bonchon in my 2 week stay.

Then after going to Tokyo, the ladies (Mom, me and sistahs) went to Grace Residences and McKinley Hill!

How time flies. The Grand Canal is already built, I know. It's just nostalgic to see something completed when I witnessed how it started. Grabe! It was just an empty space dati, but then now, it bloomed and super inspiring to go there! It was just overwhelming to me because I just went to Tokyo then going to Venice Grand Canal is like going to Italy. 

It was a good moment then it rained. Honestly, I miss the rain (you know no rain in DXB).

Then, the family went for a unique family bonding: Upside Down. Grabe! We exerted effort for the photos! Hopefully, I will be able to print them all hihi!

Our ultimate family bonding happened in Cintai Coritos Garden Resort in Batangas. We were supposed to go to Ilocos, but it was meant for us to just chill ;)

Great views, refreshing scenery, good food and swim, it was picture perfect and awesome experience! Thank You Lord! Grabe super many great photos! 

Ofcouse, Levi and I would not miss going to Intramuros because it is unlikely for us to go home simultaneously. Epic experience when we went to Faustina to eat our favorites: Grilled Porkchop and Sisig. We also went to our Alma Mater, PLM, nakakatuwa ;) simple pleasures!

I would not also miss spending valuable time with my friends: 1. HP friends, 2. HS loves Pikselot and 3. College BFF Nhe & her BF.

Thank you guys for your time. Next time uli! Sayang walang getaways hehehe!

For the finale, I had a #MEtime! Spa time and shopping to cap off my vacation. 

Then family dinner in Tempura (japanese food again hahaha) and had a well deserved Swedish massage in Nuat Thai. :) 

Thank You Lord for a meaningful vacation. 

Hopefully I will be able to print all these memories for future use! You know hehehe! 

Next time uli. Iba pa rin sa Pinas! 

May 27, 2017

Yo, TOKYO 2017!

I am so happy and grateful to share that I have lived my childhood dream last week! :)

First, let me share to you that I suprised "again" my family on going home this May! The twist is, I am with my twinsis! Hahaha! 

We came home at night when our parents are at home when I messaged my Dad on our group chat while we were hearing their laughter (they are watching a teledrama).

Me: "Dad, paopen po ng door"
Dad: "Anong door?"
Me: "Sa house po, Dad"

Then, my Dad opened the door and boom: we surprised them! My Mom even told us that she is like in a dream! Hahaha! Super fun and we felt the love! We bonded the next day and had family dinner with our Ate & Kuya. :)

Fast forward, Levi & I went to TOKYO! 
Grabe! From the visa application, approval to all bookings and planning, I am so proud and blessed to finally visit Japan! 

Though short, on the first day itself, we went to Shibuya, met Hachiko, tried "Purikura" (photobooth) and ate our favorite Sushi in Ueboi Sushi Conveyor.

We were just happy and satisfied that we told ourselves, "oks na, pwede na umuwi". Hahaha! 

The next day, it was fully loaded. We went to Akihabara Electric Town, Kanda Myojin Shrine and Harajuku.

It was surreal in Akihabara where there are several animated buildings and electronics (with souvenirs, too). We tried Takoyaki and also a fish designed sweet which I don't remember its name.

Then near the place, we went to the shrine where we bought special IT "Omamori" (Protector). Super sakto, right :)

Then, shopping time in Harajuku! Grabe, several tourists were there! Sadly, we didn't see cosplayers that night.

We also tried Ramen in Zundouya Ramen Shinjuku, feeling "Naruto". Hahaha!

Our last day, we went to Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Skytree! 

Happy to say that we had "Best Fortune" in Sensoji :) So exciting to learn Japanese culture when we visited this place. And ofcourse, we went shopping! Hahaha! 

At night, we went to Tokyo Skytree and dined yummy sushi in Toriton Restaurant.

There are several photos, excited to design and create photobook for this trip. :) 

Thank You Lord for the opportunity to travel Japan! From the place, culture, food to the kindness of Japanese people, Japan is truly amazing! I will surely come back and visit other cities in Japan. So much childhood feels, grabe! 'Til we meet again!

May 05, 2017


Family, friends and love. 
Relationships are very precious to my heart, always. 

I see to it that I focus on building connections to those who love me dearly and who I love.

1. Birthday Bash
Ofcourse, I will start with my twinsis who celebrated her 30th (she really doesn't look her age!). 

It was a simple gathering in one of my fave Jap resto here in Dubai, Yo Sushi. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Chu! :)

2. Beach Babe
With a long weekend, my friends and I went to Saadiyat Beach, Abu Dhabi for a morning swim and it was freaking hot! Hello, Summer!

Thank you to my photographer friend to the great shots! Grabe! Hope to print these gorgeous photos! 

3. Brightest Bets (para mapasok sa 2 words title na starting with B haha)
No one can stop me for not attending the Always Jadine Dubai Concert! Grabe! It was super sulit as expected. It was full of entertainment and heartfelt performances. Here's more, I was with boyfie, akalain mo? Thanks fof being my date tonight haha infairness, I saw that you've enjoyed ;) hopefully true.

Basically, on the past weeks, I have been eating Japanese cuisine esp the sushi and tempura. Oh yeah, cravings! 

Thank You Lord!
I pray for more unforgetable and one of a kind moments. Hope to print the photos! Arghh. Inshallah :)