October 09, 2017


OMG! I am 28 now. Yes, not afraid to tell the world my age. How time flies. 

Thank You Lord for everything. Thank You for all blessings. 

I celebrated my birthday with family and friends, both in PH & UAE. So happy and blessed! :) 

And as you can see, my birthday is full of FOOD! Hahaha. I should start eating less and exercise more :)

Capping off my birthday with dinner at TRIBES. Kakatuwa. The staff surprised me tribal music dance, truly an experience!

I am thankful with all the greetings, food, relationships and LOVE. 

Hoping for my heart's desires to come true. Love You, Lord 💋 :)

September 29, 2017


Whew. Almost a month of not updating, so sorry. 
I was preoccupied. Hahaha. I just started my gaming phase (I didn't imagine myself playing online but yes, I am playing Mobile Legends now on spare times but not really good at it haha) 

September - the month when I celebrate anniversaries and birthdays of my Mom. 

It was a start of the "holiday" feels. The weather here in Dubai is getting colder. It is becoming "brrr" now, thankfully.

Two long weekends happened. Nothing too much special, just explored some new places here. 

Finally visited the "Unicorn" cafe and it was an experience. 😍

Together with my lovely friends Juleh & Maria, we walked the Dubai Downtown. OMG, walkathon galore! 

So many lovely photos, hopefully I will be able to make "Dubai" Photobook. 🙏🏼

Then, the highlight of the month happened: it is the 10th anniversary with my boyfriend. How time flies.

We had unlimited sushi! I gave him an anniversary card & "10 Tweets Para Kay JLA" which I naturally created that time. Iba talaga pag inspired. He gave me bouquet of flowers. It was a simple yet intimate celebration we had for a long time, honestly haha! 

Ofcourse, my life here is incomplete without some "Chus Dates" which I always look forward. Love you chu!! We can do this!

Visited again the Cat Cafe with the Aloria siblings. What a stress reliever! 

And in betweens, I had my regular LG and recently, I attended a meeting for a special event this October! Thank You Lord for giving me the opportunity to be a major part of it. Hint: the title of the event is the same title of this blog! 😘

Speaking of which, "loving myself" is my mantra ever since but now, not 100% now. Hopefully I will be back again loving myself MORE. And everything else will follow.

It was a great month. I'm excited for the next one. You know it - my birth month.

I'm praying for a smooth and stable October. Give me strength and peace of mind, Lord especially on my relationship and at work.

I can do this. #AJA 

August 31, 2017

Glorious Legend

It is always a special month of August for me since two of the closest to me are having their birthdays - my sister and my Honey! 

But before that, I love it when I constantly attending my LG every Tuesday. Super blessed! It changes me for the better and I am becoming prayerful. I've realized that I should pray more specific from now on and it is okay to pray and pray. There's nothing wrong with that :) 

Also, I spent time with my sistah! Thankfully, she had a weekend off :) yahoo! We dined, shopped and laughed together hahaha! 

Then, I surprised Honey on his 27th birthday with a cake and special messages. So thankful that almost all that I messaged gave me their responses before the special day, to think it is shortnoticed (2 days before). Happy!

Then, we surprised him with his family. May handa! Very nice. Visited Dubai Zoo since my love is a fan of zoo and had dinner in Dampa. Happy Birthday, Honey and may all your dreams and goals will come true. Hope you will become more responsible and mature na ;) love ya!

Then, lately, I am accompanying him on his business ventures because he is inviting me. So proud of you and keep it up!

One major thing happened also is the re-opening of our online shop: Astrid & Rose! Thank you for our family and friends who supported us! 
Visit us at www.fb.com/astridnrose

More to come! 
Ber months, here we go!!