May 14, 2018

MAY the odds be in my favor

This Month has been the most productive so far. 

I am juggling work, businesses and private life. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful and loving it! 

But before I dive more, let me go back last month when my lovely sister and I celebrated her birthday!

We ate @ Miu and had dessert @ Cheesecake Factory. 

Also, I attended birthday celebrations of my LG loves! 

Had movie dates! This is our version of "Never Not Love You" hahaha!

Avengers Night with Aloria fam!

Had lunch outs with colleagues, like this!

Grateful to God that I am spending more quality time with my Honey :)

Correct, there are many reasons to be happy.

Going back, this month, I decided to go for my plan. And now, I am waiting for the result. Hoping for the best and God's plan for me. 

I wish that the odds be in my favor. God will provide. Aja! 

As they say, don't worry on things you have been praying for. So, trust in God's plans and right timing. Diba!

I pray for breakthroughs, for more success and real happiness. 

Life is beautiful. Thank You God for letting me spend my life to the fullest. I am looking forward for more! :) 

PS: there are too many photos, I am hoping to print these beautiful memories for future use and records. How I wish I will be able to track. Oh well. Let's see.

April 14, 2018

Better April

It's been a while as I've been too productive these past few days. 

I have launched a new online business ( where we offer Authentic perfumes, Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secrets scents. My package is on the way to the PH and I'm excited to share it to our lovely customers! 

It's April, meaning my Chu's birthday is coming up! ❤️❤️ So happy, we see each other every other day :) 

I also had a chance to go to Abu Dhabi and discovered Louvre! Got so inspired with Art & Culture ☺️

We experienced Korean dining in Han Kook Restaurant, so lovely! Annyeong!

So blessed to experience two birthday bash on weekends! 

1. First time to attend a first birthday here in Dubai, my landlady's baby girl Maryiel's birthday. Participated in a naughty and fun game hahaha and had buffet!

2. Just yesterday, I attended my LGmate and friend Jo's birthday in her house. So much laughter and discoveries. I'm grateful to spend my weekend with these beautiful ladies. TYL!

PS: Super sarap talaga ng KareKare!

And.. The last but not least, thank You Lord as Levi & I had a better relationship as better. Hopefully, it will continue and may God bless us! 

Excited for the coming months, hoping for the best and strength! 

March 06, 2018

Barev Armenia

Spontaneity. This is what happened when my friends wayback in college who are in Dubai as well decided to go out of country, as we always planned.

Finally, it became real. 
With a leap of faith, we went to Armenia! 

Just few planning and help of travel agency (which I seldom avail), the trip was successful that some of our friends want to go to this beauty country. 

Let the photos do the talking :) 

We spent few days to explore the place and their cuisine. With its affordability, we enjoyed it! 

First time to experience SNOW! It was freezing cold, -4degC! It like needles are piercing my ears and I had rashes on mt cheeks after.

Then, we explored the city of Yerevan!

So many photos gosh! Thanks to my photographer friend Juleh and my model friend Pam for the shots! 

Thank you for being with me in this trip! 
Super chill as the weather, super refreshing to walk and see & super cozy to dine! 

We also celebrated Pam's birthday! HBD Pam!

Thank You Lord for the opportunity to travel and love life more! 

More adventures to come! :)